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This is the very best work on Newgrounds, nothing can beat this for centuries.

The concept of this track is nice, but the execution needs some fixing.
Find sounds with a bit more spice and get better at mixing.

- Zeuz

The sound design is great, it was a good listen.
But the sub bass was turned down so low it's almost like it was non-existent.

- Zeuz

canonblade responds:

The sub is playing on a very low tone which has less harmonics than a regular "dubstepy" one :p
The sub is there, spectrum analyzers can confirm ;)

I like the switch up of your signature production style.
When the BPM changes it makes me smile.
My only problem is that it's a bit too compressed.
Add more dynamics and your one step towards being the best.

- Zeuz

I like the space. It's in your face. Atmosphere all over the place.
Even if the drop lead is an octave too high.
It still makes me feel like I'm above the sky.
Cool track. I'm a have a snack.

Cool wubby wubs.

Aelon responds:

lol ty :)

I'm sorry, but the drop is a bit weak for me. I know you couldn't add new plugins to the song but you said in the comments you had Serum. Doesn't Serum have build-in effects and has stuff to make something better than this. I know your way better than this, I'm a massive fan of your music but this I'm not messing with. I hope your computer gets better. I will say congrats to getting featured by Newgrounds :).

Mudstep responds:

Thanks for the feedback! FL Studio won’t open the project at ALL. I used Serum’s built in effects for distortion and EQ however. This drop is barely on par with what I can do and if I was able to work on it some more then it would definitely be feature-worthy (why do all my bad songs get featured, haha).


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